The fascinating story of the Grivel family

Anyone who is intrigued by the history of mountaineering and climbing the highest peaks in the world will surely have run into the name of the Grivel family of Courmayeur. The Grivel name, in fact, has had a strong connection to climbing for two centuries - both for the innate passion that has bound the Grivels to the mountains for generations and for the pioneering innovations of the equipment created by the skilled hands and ingenuity of the Grivels.

In 1912, Henry Grivel made his first pair of 10-point crampons, changing the way of life for mountaineers. His eldest son, Laurent, further perfected them; his youngest son presented the first super lightweight crampons in 1933. The skill and professionalism of the Grivel family are also evident in other activities that are now part of Courmayeur history, such as the historical sporting goods store called 4810 Sport, the new concept of ski rental/storage at Dolonne, the celebrated La Chaumière Restaurant directly on the slopes, cosy holiday rental apartments and the Val Ferret Fishing Club