The Vany and Ferret Valleys

The diverse nature and breathtaking landscapes of Val Veny and Val Ferret will intrigue even the most experienced hiker and also offer leisurely strolls that are suitable to the less experienced. Passing the entrance to the valley, which is dominated by the majestic Mont Blanc and the end of Brenva Glacier, there is a soft and poetic expanse of meadows, crossed by the tranquil Dora Stream, that offers relaxing walks surrounded by vivid landscapes and immersed in the crystal-clear mountain air. On the way up to Miage Glacier and its lake, the valley offers beautiful natural jewels like Lake Checrouit, the deep Allex Blanche Valley, the evocative Pyramides Calcaires as well as the deep Belle Combe Valley, the Grand Col Ferret, the balcony that leads up to Rifugio Elena from Rifugio Bertone.